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  Board of Directors (2022-2023)

Members at charter was 84

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Vivian Chung

President 2023-2024

Emily Jiang

Immediate Past President


Marco Choi

1st Vice President

Cindy Chan

2nd Vice President

Jennifer Liu


Cassandra Tang



Clara Chow

Membership Director

Vienna Cheng

Retention Director

Richie Wong

Marketing Communications Chairperson

Jackie Lee

Club Service Chairperson

Robin Lo

Lion Tamer

Konny Chan

Tail Twister

Eric Wan

2 Years Director

Kerina Li

1 Year Director

Gordon Zhang

1Year Director

Annie Fong

2 Years Director

Eric Yung

2 Years Director

Pius Chan

2 Years Director

Peggy Davies

1 Year Director

Hans Wong

2 Years Director

Bonnie Wu

2 Year Director

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